Band Elections 2016

This is to inform Sandy Lake First Nation band members that the 2016 General Band Election is in process.

Voting will be on Thursday, March 31, 2016 from 8 am to 6 pm.

Candidates are running for the offices of Chief, Deputy Chief and Councillors.

Names of candidates are available on the Sandy Lake First Nation website or can be faxed to you if you call the band office at 807-774-3421.

If you have any further questions or comments you may contact co-chairs:

Nikki Kakekagumick at 807-774-1117 or
Florence Ballantyne at 807-774-4491

Toll free number valid only on Mar. 31 for out-of-town band members 1-866-450-8399.


Feb. 4
6 to 9 pm
Feb. 24
6 to 9 pm
Mar. 22
10 am
Mar. 31
8 am to 6 pm
General Meeting Nomination Meeting Candidate Speeches General Band Election
High school gymnasium High school gymnasium On-air broadcast at radio station SLCDS board room


Chief Deputy Chief Councillors
Bart Meekis Robert Kakegamic Fabian Crowe
Wade Roseborough Harry Meekis John McKay
Rusty Fiddler Christina Meekis Joe Kakegamic
Roderick Fiddler Clarence Sonny Manoakeesic Apin Kakegamic
Troy Kakepetum   Dennis Kakegamic
    Wayne Kakepetum
    Allan Rae
    Russell Kakepetum
    Michael Kakegamic
    Yvonne Fiddler-Kakekagumick
    Jackie Rae
    Ida Anishinabie
    Eddie Kakepetum
    Tinia Noon
    Peter Nash Crowe
    Ringo Terrance Meekis
    Michelle Fiddler
    Ozwald Kakekapetum
    Clavis Meekis
    Charlie Linklater


Florence Ballantyne, Co-chair
Nikki Kakekagumick, Co-chair
Nora Jane Meekis
Valarie Fiddler
Lisa Meekis
Monias Fiddler
Jimmy Kakegamic
Sam Fiddler
Annette Rae