Sandy Lake Community Development Services Inc.

Sandy Lake Community Development Services Inc.
P.O. Box 248
Sandy Lake, ON  P0V 1V0
Phone #:  (807) 774-1564
Fax #:  (807) 774-1082

Lisa Crowe, Chief Exective Officer,
Nick Day, Public Works Manager,
Roy Kakegamic, Band  Economic Development  Manager,
Clovis Meekis, Board President
Robert Kakegamic, Deputy Chief, SLCDS Inc. Portfolio 


Incorporated in 1988, The Corporation administers and manages the community's economic operations. 

Daily and seasonal functions of The Corporation include:
  • Community infrastructure
  • Road maintenance
  • Small business development
  • Winter road development and maintenance
  • Heavy equipment operations
  • Water and sewage
  • Landfill site maintenance and garbage disposal
  • Building rentals and leases

Board Members

The Sandy Lake Community Development Services Inc. Board consists of members of the community from the 5 main areas of Sandy Lake. The current Board was elected by the community for a two-year term from 2013-2015.

The Board of Directors serves as a liaison for the community as a whole, providing direction to The Corporation while working cooperatively with the Chief and Council.

  • Clovis Meekis - River
  • Delores Kakegamic - Ghost Point/Old Sawmill
  • Valarie Fiddler - R.C.
  • Sanadius Fiddler - Airport/Big Rock
  • Kennedy Fiddler - Centre

Staff Directory

Updated December 2013


Lisa Crowe - CEO
Nick Day - Publics Works Manager
Roy Kakegamic - EDO
Larry Kakegamic - Bookkeeper
Beryl Meekis - Office Assistant
Nora Jane Meekis - Receptionist/Secretary
Nida Meekis - Cleaning Lady
Darrin Fiddler - EDO Assistant

Water and Sewage
Steven Linklater - Driver
Wallace Kakepetum - Driver
Gerry Kakegamic - Driver
Rocky Fiddler - Driver
Daniel Mamakeesic - Driver
Greg Mamakeesic - Driver
Julian Keno - Relief Driver
Thomas Dixon Jr - Relief Driver
Collin Fiddler - Relief Driver

Heavy Equipment
Morris Fiddler - Heavy Equipment
Stanley Rae - Heavy Equipment 
Jed Meekis - Operator
Joe Noon - Mechanic
Melvin McPherson - Mechanic
Jim Meekis - Seasonal Operator
Bernie Crow - Seasonal Operator
David Beardy Jr. - Seasonal Operator

Roland Linklater

Garbage Program
David Rae - Driver
Dana Keno - Heavy Equipment Trainee