Chief & Council
Elected April 1, 2014 for two-year term

Chief Bart Meekis
Chief Bart Meekis
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1385
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Deputy Chief Robert Kakegamic
Deputy Chief Robert Kakegamic
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774- 5275
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Head Councillor Wayne Kakepetum  
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1449
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Councillor Russell Kakepetum
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1076
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Councillor Joe Kakegamic  
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-4239
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Councillor Fabian Crow

Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1218
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Councillor Apin Kakegamic
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1534
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Councillor John McKay
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-4133
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Councillor Allan Rae 
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-1010
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Councillor Dennis Kakegamic 
Business: 807-774-3421
Home: 807-774-4446
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Elders Council
Elected April 1, 2014 for two-year term

The Elders Council is made up of five elders - one representing each of the five geographical areas of the community.  The Elders Council is elected by the community during General Band Elections.  Recognized as pillars of the community, Chief and Council look to the elders of the community for guidance and direction that is rooted in the traditions and customs of Sandy Lake. 

Sanadius Fiddler - Airport/Big Rock
Sarah Fiddler - River
Mary Linklater - R.C
Katie Fiddler - Centre
Noah Anishinabie - Old Sawmill/Ghost Point

Youth Council

Similar to the Elders Council and Board of Directors, the Youth Council is made up of five members - one for each of the five geographical areas of the community. The inaugral youth council of 2008-2009 is a result of an election that was called by the youth of Sandy Lake at a community youth conference held in June 2008.

The Brighter Futures Program offers technical support to the youth council. Recognizing the youth as a priority and a vital part of the community, Chief and Council encourages the youth council and provides support in their endeavours.  

  • Darrin Fiddler - Airport/Big Rock

  • Casey Linklater - River

  • Chris Kakegamic - Centre

  • Seth Fiddler -  RC

  • Connery Beardy - OSM/Ghost Point