Band Office

Robert Fiddler Administration Building 
Band Office

Sandy Lake First Nation
P.O. Box 12
Sandy Lake, Ontario P0V 1V0
Phone #: (807) 774-3421 or (807) 774-5121
Fax # (807) 774-1040

Staff Directory
Updated April 2014

Chief and Council:

Chief Bart Meekis
Deputy Chief Robert Kakegamic
Head Councillor Wayne Kakepetum
Councillor Russell Kakepetum
Councillor Joe Kakegamic
Councillor Fabian Crow
Councillor Allan Rae
Councillor Dennis Kakegamic
Councillor John McKay
Councillor Apin Kakegamic

Elders Council:

Sarah Fiddler
Mary Linklater
Katie Fiddler
Noah Anishinabie
Sanadius Fiddler

Capital Projects:

Harry Meekis, Capital Projects Manager
Karen Fiddler, Capital Projects Bookkeeper


Kelly Anishinabie, Maintenance
Mary Jane Mawakeesic, Custodian


Chris Crow, Recreation Director

Finance Administration:

Delores Kakegamic, Band Administrator
Jeannie Monias, Payroll Clerk
Ruth Rae, Finance Clerk

Welfare Administration:

David B. Fiddler, Ontario Works Administrator
Gabrielle Kakegamic, Ontario Works Assistant Administrator
Michael Meekis, Finance & Bookkeeping Lead
Ann M. Meekis, Case File Manager
Marlon King, Employment Assistance Lead
Crystal Mandamin, Family Support Lead
Natalie Rae, Financial Assistance Lead
Judy Meekis, Family Support Caseworker
Lisa Rae, Employment Assistance Lead
Chantal Crowe, Financial Assistance Lead
Damien Rae, Employment Assistance Caseworker
Anthony Bekintis, Employment Assistance Caseworker
Denise Stoney, Employment Assistance Caseworker
Noella Beardy, Employment Assistance Caseworker
Tobey Kakekapetum, Employment Assistance Caseworker
Chelsea Goodman, Financial Assistance Caseworker
Bailene Meekis, Financial Assistance Caseworker
Lyndon Kakepetum, Financial Assistance Caseworker
Kristen McKay, Financial Assistance Caseworker
Sonny Manoakeesick, Financial Assistance Caseworker
Chris Kakekaspan, Family Support Caseworker
Beryl Meekis, Finance & Bookkeeping Clerk
Susie J. Crow, Receptionist

Administration & Support Services:

Joe C. Meekis, Executive Director
Eli Sawanas, Human Resources Manager
Kenny Goodwin, Communications Officer & Executive Assistant to the Chief and Council
Michelle Goodman, Executive Secretary
Joyce Goodman, Receptionist
Lisa M. Meekis, Band Membership Clerk
Frankie Crow, Fire Prevention Officer
Danny Linklater, Fire Prevention Assistant
Kennedy Fiddler, Broadband Coordinator
Charlie Linklater, Security Supervisor


Sam Fiddler, Housing Manager
Valarie Fiddler, Assistant Housing Manager
Eddie J. Meekis, Housing Supervisor
Laurent David, Technical Advisor

Justice Program:

Tammy Fiddler, Justice Clerk

Long Term Care:

Frank Fiddler, Long Term Care Coordinator
Debbie Anishinabie, Homemaker
Rita Meekis, Homemaker
Roberta Kakegamic, Homemaker
Errol (Rugged) Kakegamic, Homemaker
Elton Meekis, Homemaker
Mary Kakegamic, Homemaker
Danny Harper, Homemaker
Lilly Kakegamic, Homemaker
Elton Crow, Homemaker

Right to Play:

Steffany Meekis, Community Mentor

Resource and Land Issues:

Wally Kakepetum, Program Coordinator
Monias Fiddler, GIS Technician
Richard Kakegamic, Consultation Worker
Sidney Fiddler, Elder/Advisor